Monday, 13 July 2009

Red and Blue ATCs

This month the colour combination for our Colour Groupies group was Red and Blue, partly in honour of Independence Day in the US.

All my cards have arrived safely now with Tristan, Lenna, Debby and Caryl so I can also reveal them here.
I started with a red fabric background which was ironed onto Fast2Fuse and then free machine quilted with blue thread. I added blue clouds, cut from another fabric and machine stitched on. I've used a variety of different but very similar images on the cards. They all come from the collage sheet All in Red from Altered by Design. I also added vintage text to some of the cards.

Tristan had send me a lovely collection of red, silver and blue sparkly stars with his cards and I added one of each to my cards this month too. Just the thing, thanks Tristan!

A blue fabric (the same as used for the clouds) was ironed onto the other side of the Fast2Fuse and the cards were finished with blue satin stitching around the edges.

I also made one for me to keep as part of my Alphabet ATC project. This one is called: E is for Eternal.

1 comment:

Maggi said...

Holy smokes, those are gorgeous!!!!! I have been on a red/blue kick lately!


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