Thursday, 16 July 2009

Stars in your Soul Quiltie

This is the one of the projects that I made with my latest Alphastamps Design Kit. I haven't shown it here before as it was a special tutorial on the Alphastamps Yahoo group some weeks ago. But now that another Alphastamps Design Kit is apparently on its way I suddenly remembered I had yet to show you this one. It was a paper doll kit which is not really my thing but by putting the doll on a quiltie I suddenly liked her a whole lot more!
Here are the instructions:

Stars in your Soul Quiltie (7.1/4" square)

Stamp a commercially available batik fabric with the quotation (Search within for stars lie hidden in your soul) and small star stamps using a blue Versacraft inkpad. Set the ink by ironing.

Using a girl chipboard shape (available from Alphastamps), cover the gril with a flesh coloured fabric by using WonderUnder (or Bondaweb in U.K.). Glue on a face shape (Alphastamps Doll Parts) and pink dress (Alphastamps Get Dressed collage sheet), making sure to tuck in the dress behind the doll's arms.
Cover the chipboards wings (available from Alphastamps) with blue fabric as above. Stamp the wings with small star shapes and foil with silver.

Make a hole through the doll shape, use the hole already in the wings and through the background fabric and batting (wadding in U.K.) and with a large pink brad, attach the doll and wings to the quiltie.

Glue on the pink hair (Alphastamps Doll Parts), the blue hands (Alphastamps Doll Parts) and the black boots (Alphastamps Get Dressed).

Sew on the exposed parts of the doll to the quiltie, using invisible thread and a jeans needle. Sew slowly and wear safely glasses, just in case a needle breaks. Add beads to the hands and boots as shown. Stamp small blue stars to the pink dress.
Glue and sew on the pink hat (Alphastamps Get Dressed) and add a pink flower bead with a blue seed bead. Sew on the pink butterfly (both embellishments from Alphastamps).

Add backing fabric (using WonderUnder or Bondaweb) and finish the edges with pink transparent ribbon. Finally sew on the blue Dresden scrap (from Alphastamps) at the bottom.


Maggi said...

I love it, that color pink is perfect with the background!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

heh heh - she looks like Connie Francis, dressed for a date and gone to heaven.


Debby said...

Ah!!!! She is so sweet, beautiful colors.


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