Saturday, 22 August 2009


Strolling through the garden, this little butterfly kept following me, from the buddleia where I originally spotted her (or him?) to here on the Veronica spiccata. I could get really close to catch the full beauty of all the colours in her (or his, just how do you tell the difference in butterflies?) gorgeous mantle.

By this time of the summer, things here in the Scottish Borders are really beginning to wilt or go over (although Queen Elizabeth, the rose above, still flourishes). We're going to visit a garden centre tomorrow to refresh some of our hanging baskets with a bit more colour and hopefully that will take us till well into Autumn.

Nostalgia reigns in the garden as well as in my heart, and this year more than most. Not only is my birthday approaching fast, but so is John's retirement. Just how did this happen? It seems like only yesterday when we met, fell in love and married and now look at us, we must be middle aged. But I still feel and occasionally (no, let's be honest, most times) behave like a teenager. When does one become an adult?? Perhaps it will never happen and that's more than okay with me!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


speaking of all things Scottish - will you be going to any of the Fringe Festival events?

Maggi said...

You're not alone, I definitely still act like a kid sometimes...okay, most of the time! lol

That is an amazing shot of the butterfly!

Lenna Andrews said...

: ) you are as young as you feel!! i know it is a few days early, but happy birthday!!! xo lenna


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