Sunday, 23 August 2009

A bit of Colour

The problem with visiting garden certres is that they are so full of temptation. Not just flowers but so much other gorgeous stuff that I can't bear to leave in the shop. I'm saying I here as it's always I who can't resist. John is definitely made of stronger stuff.
So apart from our wonderful autumn pansies I also indulged in a book about Nature's Ways; lore, legend, fact and fiction; a lovely box of cards (to mail my Colour Groupies ATCs in); and I also had to had this multi-coloured collection of wind vanes. These will provide colour all year round although we will have to remove them once the proper winter gales come! I love their colourful movement and for now they are hanging on the pergola.

There is still a bit of other colour there too as the Gardenia rose (which winds itself around the pergola) still has some beautiful blooms on offer. This is an old-fashioned rambler and you need lots of space to do her justice but she rewards you with gorgeous fragrance as well as baroque, loose flowers. Troi was not interested in any of the above, she just wants to get closer to those chickens and not for any good reasons!!


Maggi said...

Watch out chickens!!! lol

I love those wind vanes, we have some of those too and they are too sweet on the porch!

Debby said...

Another great post! Troi is beautiful.

Lenna Andrews said...

lovely post, Frieda! Troi is so big & looking very regal sitting there guarding the chickens? i love the wind vanes too. marvelous addition to your beautiful gardens. xo lenna

JP said...

love those wind chimes - must keep my eye out for those down here - hope your rose swap is going well - was going to join but holidays got in the way!!!!!!!!


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