Monday, 14 September 2009

Lemon and Lime ATCs

The Colour Groupies (Caryl, Debby, Lenna and Tristan) were ready for our latest colour combination for September. This combo was chosen by Lenna and it's a really sunny as well as tasty one. By good fortune I had found just the right fabric, not at our most recent Area Day of the Quilters' Guild in Scotland but at our one before that in Perth. Can you believe I really found a fabric featuring both lemon and limes (okay, so orange also featured on this fabric too, but by carefully cutting I managed to leave them out!).

I made a stripy background using lemon and lime coloured fabrics and then fuzzy cut both lemons and limes from the above mentioned fabric. These were machine stitched onto the background that was layered with Fast2Fuse. As lemon as well as limes make most people look a bit sour to say the least, I looked for images with suitable expressions and I found these women on a transparency sheet by Divasdeste. They were stitched on as shown and I then suddenly thought to make the Lemon and Lime theme into a question by changing and to or. The text was printed on my trusty Dymo writer. I added tiny little buttons in the appropriate colours, added a backing fabric and satin stitched the edges in yellow.
Of course I made one for me to keep too and as part of my Alphabet ATC project this one is L is for Lemon or Lime of course!


Maggi said...

What a smart idea to match the theme with the picture subject's expression! I love the lemons and limes sewn on and the buttons are a neat touch too!

Lenna Andrews said...

oh frieda, i just love your lemon & lime ATCs. You SO captured that essence! Of course, mine is my favorite -how do yo do that?? : ) excellent job on these yummy delights!


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