Saturday, 12 September 2009

More sunny inspiration

I wasn't home for most of today but instead attended a great Quilters' Guild Area Day and bought yet another book and more fabric. Yes, I know, I already have more fabric than I can use in my lifetime even if I break all records with how long I live, but they keep producing ever more delectable fabrics and I simply have to have them.

I also met two people who in their own words lurk on my blog and I even received a beautiful ATC from one of them (thanks, Doreen!!) and so I want to say a Big Thank You to all of you who lurk. You're oh so very welcome! And this lily is specially for you!

When I came home the sun was still shining and I could not resist taken another picture of one of the white lilies on which you can see how the lilies turn yellow with the pollen. You can actually use this to dye fabric with and if the weather holds I'm going to give it a try tomorrow.

Lilies have many symbolic connotations such as that they grew from Eve's tears when she was expelled from Paradise and are associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity. In The Netherlands they are very much flowers for funerals but personally I think the living can appreciate them much more, specially that fantastic fragrance!


Debby said...

How gorgeous is this, great pic Frieda.

Lenna Andrews said...

Dear Frieda,
I certainly don't lurk on your blog, au contraire! But, it delighted me to see you welcome readers to do so . . . . so welcoming & kind -just like you. And lilies! beautiful lilies are my favorite and i can almost smell them from your photo, thank you for sharing. xo lenna


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