Monday, 7 September 2009

Posada Woman ATC Swap

Ironically the fact that you haven't seen a lot of art on this blog recently means that I have been working away on a large piece of art, in this case a quilt, which is giving me a lot of grief at the moment.

So after being further depressed by a visit to the dentist a treat seemed in order and I duely gave myself one by making a paper-fabric collage using all the images from the Alphastamps Poison Clear Stamp Set as stamps on the background calico (muslin in US speak) as well as the Alphastamps bat stamp. These were covered by vintage French text and spooky images from a paper napkin. I'm always looking for interesting napkins and these Halloween ones are only available at this time of year so I grab them while I can.

After the collage dried I cut it to ATC sized pieces and used these to participate in the Posada Woman ATC Swap run on the Alphastamps Yahoo group. The only requirement was to use the Posada Woman in Hat rubber stamp from Alphastamps. I stamped this image onto a transparency which was then sewn onto the ATC. All the ATCs are more or less the same although the backgrounds and the vintage texts are slightly different on every one.

On this one, which I'm keeping for myself, the text reads: A living death and around it I added sparkly Stickles black glue. I added size 11 green seed beads to her hat as well as a larger lucite bead (also available from Alphastamps. Finally the edges were finished by zigzag stitching. I really enjoyed my journey to the dark lands and now it has to be back to that quilt!


Maggi said...

This is a very interesting ATC, love the Stickles and beading! Sorry about the dentist, I can't stand going to the dentist! lol Good luck finishing the quilt!

cmoh said...

Oh they are terrific...I can't wait to see them in person and really get all the wonderful details you described.

Debby said...

Very kewl!!!!


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