Saturday, 5 September 2009

More birthday celebrations

I'm now one year and a week older and had another wonderful celebration of the extra week as in the mail today there were 3 more birthday presents, from my friends Linda, Lenna and Debby. They were all art-related which made it all even more special. It's so wonderful to have friends which whom you can share your art and arty obsessions, and who know you so well that their presents are truely spot-on!
I grab this opportunity to have some more treats and when we were at our local village show this afternoon (think vegetables, flowers and home-baking) John bought me this extremely yummy cake. It's a chocolate sponge covered in strawberries and was cut into a heart shape for the show. I just wish I could let you all have a piece!


Maggi said...

Oh boy that cake looks delicious! I'm so glad your celebration has carried on!

Lenna Andrews said...

the chocolate cake looks so delicious, Frieda. i am tickled you are having such a fun time celebrating! xo lenna

Debby said...

Yum!!! This looks delish!!!! So glad to got to extend your birthday.


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