Friday, 16 October 2009

More autumn delights

The Scottish Borders were basking in the sunshine today and that produced a spendid display of those gorgeous autumn colours of bright yellow to dark brown with all the tints and shades in between as well. The large beech tree which grows along the lane just in the verges on the other side of our fence looks like it has been set alight by the sun and a little walk was in order to be able to have a closer look. It looks beautiful from a distance

from closer up

and its leaves also make a colourful display.

I do feel a sense of ownership of this tree although technically speaking it's not ours but the council's. It is the largest tree around and from under it there is a wonderful view across the fields, also now in autumn dress.

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Lenna Andrews said...

oh, Frieda! That first photo of the tree and fence, it almost looks like it could be taken right around here. That made me feel closer to you, how lovely! Beautiful weather you are having, roses still growing . . . . our unusual early snow has melted.
Wish we could go together to see Tristan in his play today! i will report back!! : ) lenna


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