Monday, 19 October 2009

Orange and Green ATCs

October's colour combination for the Colour Groupies exchange was Orange and Green and my cards have landed with Lenna, Tristan, Debby and Caryl now so I can reveal them here as well.

These cards are dominated by a very large green button each, which stands about 1/2" above the card. This came about because I bought a vintage button box on Ebay as you do! Well I do, in any case. Whenever I want to purchase something but don't want to spend a fortune I seek my luck on Ebay looking for vintage buttons, postcards, beads etc.

I particularly love buying boxes of buttons as not only do I get a surprise as far as the buttons are concerned but I have also taking a great shine to the tins and/or boxes the buttons come in. I reckon it must be frustation that my mother never had a button box to pass on to me. In fact, she can barely watch me rummage in a button box as she has almost a phobia about them.

When I received the latest tin, I was ever so pleased to find these old green buttons there and as the orange and green cards were in the making I could not resist adding them to each card.

The background of the cards is green fabric which was overlaid with orange fabric strips as well as couched with a variety of green yarns. I added a fabric image from Alphastamps Shakespeare's Heroines ABC collage sheet and overlaid the card with a green transparent fabric. The button was sown on and surrounded with size 11 orange seed beads. I also added vintage text (different on each card) by stitching. The cards were finished with an orange satin stitch.

My scanner really could not deal with the 3D effect of the button so instead I photographed the cards which never gives as much detail (specially as this was on a very sunny day!) so I'm giving you an overview of all the cards here as well as a detail of the one I kept for myself, entitled: Dame in Ectasy.


JP said...

interesting colours - they grew on me as I looked at them closely - I do love buttons too

Lenna Andrews said...

I love my "Kiss me quickly" Cleopatra orange & green ATC. thank you so much Frieda. The dimensional button is an extra special delight!

Maggi said...

Wow, these are so cool! I love these colors together and the button is perfect for them, what a find!


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