Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Journal Quilts on Quiltart website

This year there were no Journal Quilts exhibited at the Houston Quilt Show. The project had come to a stop there after many successful years. I had participated since 2004 and when it was announced on the Quiltart list that Linda Minton was prepared to organize an online show specially for members of the Quiltart site I decided to jump in and make some more. This was helped by the fact that Grosvenor Exhibitions is organizing a travelling competition/exhibition as well next year featuring two Journal Quilts each for every competitor.

I'm always very keen to combine events and thus kill two birds with one stone (not that I would ever do this!!) but making one quilt for a dual purpose is very attractive. In fact in this case I made 3 journal quilts all with Venice as their theme for the Quiltart show. Venice is and will probably always remain an endless source of inspiration for me! For Grosvenor I will have to make a choice of two from these three.

The exhibition on the Quiltart site is now up and you can find it here. You will notice that one of the JQs (the pink/yellow one) is also the source for the present banner of my blog. Once the Grosvenor exhibition has started I will write more fully about all these Venice JQs here as well so this picture is a mere taster to alert you to the Quiltart show, which is really worth a visit!

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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how lovely! I loved the "enlarged" photo so I could peruse every detail-filled inch!

I have never done the journal quilt project - and now it's over. sigh. Use it or lose it!

This is a delightful theme - and I love all your teeny tiny embellishments.


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