Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A leaf in time

After our brief cold spell, autumn proper has returned. The cold has had an amazing effect on the leaves laying on the ground. Black spots have been added to the heady mix of oranges, browns and yellows. What a beautiful example of nature making patterns.

The colours brought to mind a Journal Quilt I made back in 2004 (and thus never shown on this blog as I did not start blogging till 2006). The detail shows velvets, transparent scarf fabric and cotton in autumn shades, combined with hand stitching. The cockerel of that time (now gone to chicken heaven long ago) also figures as well as the resident phaesant.

It's hard to believe that life before blogging actually existed. My blog has become an integral part of my life and I spend a lot of time during the day thinking about what to give centre stage to in the next blog post. My camera is almost glued to my hand so that I can preserve anything that grabs my attention during the day. Together with many other advantages the blog has taught me to really LOOK, THINK and PUT INTO WORDS whatever life brings on any given day!


theresa martin said...

Lovely quilt - great fall colors and patterns.

craftydiane said...

I love reading your blog!
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Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh - I love this! - I've always been fascinated by fancy chickens! When I was younger and we would go to the state fair, I always made a trip to the chicken house to see all the prize winning chickens. I got a kick out of their fancy feathers and headdresses. They looked like Disney versions of showgirls.

Lenna Andrews said...

oh Frieda. How well you have said this and how well you do look, think and put into words whatever life brings on. I applaud you! XO lenna

Maggi said...

I am so with you on blogging! I do the same thing, lol. Lovely colors on this quilt, I just love Fall!


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