Sunday, 29 November 2009

Lenna is on her way!

Today my very good friend Lenna is beginning her journey south and driving from Connecticut to Florida, with her husband and two dogs as well as a full car. I hope that the weather is kinder to her than it is here in Scotland (streaming rain and even some wet snow!) but hopefully it will get warmer and better the further south they go. I've been thinking of them all day!

Lenna is starting a new life in Florida to be nearer her parents and I'm looking forward to sharing her adventures from a distance. We have shared so much already and knowing her is a real joy as is sharing our art on a monthly basis. We've also started to exchange letters as well as art and I know her better than most people I've met in person.

Meeting her in person is a long-held dream and who knows what might happen in the future.
At the moment I can only wish her a good journey and a safe arrival (not till Tuesday!) just like on this vintage card! It's part of my own collection and although it's meant for a birthday it seemed very appropriate for this occasion too!


peggy gatto said...

what a lovely post!!!!
It will make her new journey more comforting!!!

Lenna Andrews said...

oh Frieda... this is a big surprise! such a lovely, sweet post too! We have made it to Virgina and the motel (dog friendly!!) has wireless internet. my computer is a traveling laptop, so here i am with a glass of wine to relax after a 12 hour drive. oh my-Thanksgiving traffic held us up for 2 hrs, but we are doing fine.
sending love, Thanks so much for your kind, kind words!!! xo lenna

Maggi said...

I love visiting Florida. Good luck to Lenna on the big move! It's so nice to meet wonderful online buddies, I hope you get to meet up in person one day soon!


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