Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Keeping warm

We woke up this morning to a very severe frost. Although it had not snowed this still meant that everything was very white and cold looking and it stayed that way for the whole day.

So keeping warm was very high on the agenda, specially for our elderly (17 +) cat Brush, and he knows from long experience that the best way to stay warm is to snuggle up with one of the dogs and as Troi, the greyhound, loves him lots she got the honour of him sitting on her back, while she was lounging in one of the armchairs nearest the fire. We may think she's daft but in some respects she's a very crafty and clever girl.

I loved seeing them together like this and the picture of their furs intermingling in turn gives me a very warm feeling inside!


Maggi said...

Awwwww, best way to stay warm ever! They are too sweet!

JP said...

cats aren't daft are they - ours always hide if they don't want to go out!hope John is still enjoying retirement

the wild magnolia said...

You are a passionate observer! How blessed that is for us who visit!

Again, thanks.


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