Saturday, 26 December 2009

And then it is Boxing Day

Just like that, Christmas is over for another year! It was officially a White Christmas as snow fell during the actual day. In fact, more snow is on the way overnight and tomorrow. Where does it all come from???

We had a lovely and quiet time as nothing moved along the lane. You simply could not drive on it, even with a 4 x 4. So it was rather amazing to see both a snow plough as well as a JCB coming along first thing this morning. Even the snow plough had troubles going up the hill that we can see from our kitchen window but did eventually make it to the top.

John took this opportunity to follow in its wake and hurry to the village to get milk. I never touch the stuff myself (developed a pathological hatred of it due to the school milk and can't even bear to see anyone else drinking a glass) but to him this is an essential ingredient of his equally vital cups of tea! He also collected a Christmas parcel which had been taken in for us by one of our neighbours on the main road as the courier would not venture up the lane.

For the rest we haven't had any mail since 2 days before Christmas and I can't see that changing in the near future. But hurrah, so far we haven't lost our electricity so I can continue to sew those pesky blocks!

Doesn't the picture look like some exotic ice cave? In fact it's formed by huge icicles coming down from the roof of the old cottage (see previous posts) and finding the cotoneaster plant in their path. It created simply stunning effects.

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JP said...

I can't believe how much snow you've had - mind you even we have had some this year and Wa rrington is usually a snow free zone - hope you had a good Christmas


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