Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day out in Edinburgh

I spend today in Edinburgh. Very unusually for me (I'm not really a public transport sort of person!) I used the Park and Ride facility. Edinburgh has been a nightmare to drive around in lately as they are putting in a new tram line and this means finding out where to go on every trip. And just as soon as you get to grips with one route, they change it overnight! Anyway the tram activities have been suspended for the festive season but that same season means problems with parking so the bus looked like a better option. And it was although you have to keep in mind that the bus time tables should be filed under Fiction!

The reason I went was the exhibition by Su Blackwell called: All the things I love are going to disintegrate. You'll never guess how I got to hear about it so I'll tell you (illustrating once again that life is stranger than fiction!). My very good friend Lenna (now hopefully safely arrived in Florida!) received a notification about Su's exhibition in an e-mail. As it was rather difficult for her to drop in all the way from the US (!), she passed the e-mail on to me and although I could not make it to the opening last night I went today on the first day it's open. There aren't many pieces, but they were so beautiful that I could only stare in total amazement and enchantment. Here is the link to Su's blog where you can see pictures for yourself. She has already sold 3 pieces (despite them being over £3000 each). Why, oh why don't those pesky lottery tickets come good!!! I really adored the way the paper sculptures left shadows on the side of the box frames, adding to the fairytale feeling.

Above I'm showing you a picture of Dundas Street in Edinburgh where the Scottish Gallery is located. If you're in the neighbourhood, don't miss it!! I felt Lenna was with me in spirit but it would have been so much better if she could have been there in person!!

Of course I wondered around Princes Street to do some Xmas shopping and discovered the Christmas Market was already up and running, full of lovely wooden stalls with continental Xmas goodies.

I discovered poffertjes for sale (a typically Dutch delicacy) and found it impossible not to indulge!!

I think they must have had some alcohol in them as the next thing I did was really quite insane (although I enjoyed every minute of it!!). I spotted the big wheel going around in the fairground and in a moment of madness simply had to give it a try. You can see the Scott Monument in the background of this picture.

The opportunity to view Edinburgh from above was too good to let slip and with my camera in action I went around several times. You can see the new tram lines in Princes Street on the picture above and the picture of the Xmas market shown earlier was also taken from the wheel as was the one at the top of this post!

What a day!!


Maggi said...

That looks like such a fun day! Her artwork is amazing! I love the piece with the book and butterflies!

Lenna Andrews said...

what another amazing interesting post! First, i love Su Blackwell's paper sculpture. my son decklin had sent me her link, i signed on for announcements, and when an exhibit in Edinburgh was announced, of course i thought of YOU! I was amazed and so excited to read you could actually go. When i exclaimed about it while reading your post this morning, steven thought something was wrong!!! i assured him no, and then told him about your ferris wheel ride. i wish i could have been there with you. Thanks for telling us about it!!! xo lenna


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