Thursday, 24 December 2009

Severe weather warning

Nothing much is different today compared with yesterday apart from an additional 2 inches of snow. Nevertheless today a Severe Weather Warning was issued for Lothian and the Borders. As there was absolutely no possibility of driving on our lane we did not worry about this but apparently the main road at the end of the lane is in a very icy condition and lots of delivery vans are stuck there. Hopefully they will manage to get home in time for Christmas.

We went for a walk in the snow ( now coming to the tops of my boots) and although we did not make much progress along the old railway line we had a lot of fun trying (apart from Troi, she was so not amused!). We've never had so much snow!!!

So we will most definitely have a White Christmas! A peaceful time to all the readers of this blog and for once I'm actually featuring myself here, although you will have a lot of trouble discerning me under multiple layers of clothing as well as the hat!!


Helen Cowans said...

about time you had a weather warning! That's a lot of snow. Keep warm.

paru's_circle said...

truly a winter wonderland, been looking at various webcams today in scotland, looks like snow all around, all the best to you and yours. regards.P


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