Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snowed In

It's official now, we're snowed in. We could probably walk to our nearest village, West Linton, but as it's 4 miles away, I think I'll give it a miss!! But we can forget going anywhere in the car as the lane is completely covered and we've seen no sign of either gritter or snowplough ever since the snow started last week.
When we opened our curtains this morning we discovered that loads more snow had arrived overnight and there is now more than a foot of snow (over 30 cm) everywhere. You can see how much this is on the pictures.

And it's also mightily cold. The outside thermometer is completely covered in snow and unreadable but you can see by the icycles attached to the gutters of the old cottage that it's also freezing. Brrrrrrr!! Keep warm everyone and I'll be back as long as our electricity holds out!!


Ati. said...

wow , looks almost as Norway. Not at my place but a bit further inland. No snowplough???? Are they forgotten how winter can be in Scotland???
Keep the stove on :)
Merry Christmas Frieda !

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

isn't it romantic to be snowed in?! When I lived in upstate New York it would happen to us every couple of years for a day or two. I always enjoyed the adventure!

Keep safe and warm!!!

Lenna Andrews said...

ooooooh, Frieda!! what a LOT of SNOW. I think you most certainly got your wish! It is ever so beautiful and i know you appreciate it as you don't get this much snow that often. Good thing you procured that box of chocolates before things got too bad!

Here's hoping you get lots of work done on your very ambitious sounding quilt going towards your 2011 solo exhibit! Merry, merry christmas to you & john and all of your animals! xo lenna

FeatherDuster said...

I generally am not a fan of snow at all. There's usually just enough of it to make a mess, and not enough of it to be fun. But when you have that much it really is quite beautiful. As long as you are warm, have food, and no place that you must be.

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for all the comments and rest assured, we're very happy to be snowed in specially as this year we are together now John has retired. The freezers are stocked to the gunnels and we're well supplied with mulled wine. And the snow is simply totally spectacular!


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