Saturday, 19 December 2009

Weather Forecast

And just to prove that the weather forecasters do get it right occasionally, here is a picture of the snow storm raging around the house at the moment. It was taken through the kitchen window as I was most definitely not going to venture out!!

The snow hit suddenly with a clap of thunder and just about 10 minutes after John had left to walk the dogs in the sunshine! I'm so pleased I did not offer!! They arrived back looking very wet and bedraggled, and in the case of Troi, the greyhound, very angry that she had been forced to endure conditions entirely unsuitable to her royal status. Troi was named after a princess in Startrek so she is our intergalactic royal highness. And she behaves like it!


theresa martin said...

Staying inside is smart! We have a blizzrd here too - looks like we'll get 2 feet easily! Let's have some hot cocoa together.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

please please please keep all that stuff over there on that side of the pond!

FeatherDuster said...

Happy to be viewing that from the comfort of my computer!

friedaquilter said...

I'll try and keep it here, Tristan but I gather that the storms are actually coming from you to me now that the wind has changed direction. More snow came today and it's bone-chillingly cold, so hot cocoa seems a wonderful idea, thanks Theresa! And good idea to look at it all from inside, featherduster. And thanks all for the comments, they make me feel warmer already!


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