Sunday, 13 December 2009

Winter Walk

There was no fog today at Macbiehill although we could see it in the distance. In our little paradise the sun was managing to make its way through the clouds and although there was absolutely no warmth in the rays the world looked so much prettier! To take advantage we went for a long walk in the woods with the dogs. Troi, the greyhound, was none too keen on the cold so she had to wear her new outfit, an elegant black affair!

The ground was completely frozen and has probably been like that for the last few days. In a way this is good as all the mud is so hard you don't have to worry about spashing your boots but on the other hand it makes some areas very slippery! But don't the puddles look gorgeous in their frozen state.

And it's sometimes worth looking at things up close as well as at the views!

It's hard to catch the sun and the beautiful way it shines through the trees. In those photographs the whole world looks so much darker than it was but very atmospheric nontheless.
Here the end of the walk is in sight and it's down hill all the way.

The sun is slowly disappearing down the horizon while I'm writing this blog post and John has gone outside to sit on the bench to admire all the accompanying colours but I have to admit that was just TOO cold for me!!


Maggi said...

What a beautiful area for a walk!

Lenna Andrews said...

i think that the area you live in in Scotland is *m a g i c a l* !


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