Saturday, 12 December 2009

Silver and White ATCs

This morning we were greeted with a severe white-out frost and a temperature of -7 degrees Celsius. The world was frozen white completely but the sun was shining.

I went to Edinburgh for my first Xmas party of the season and about half way there I suddenly drove into a solid wall of fog. A true pea-souper, with very reduced visibility. On the way home I expected the sun again but sadly, the fog had descended on Macbiehill as well and I passed several accidents on the road. The vagaries of the Scottish weather are endlessly fascinating to me. Within the space of a couple of miles the weather can be totally different, depending on hills or mountains in the environment, height and wind direction. No wonder that the weather is a much discussed topic of conversation here!

But the memory of the morning frost remains with me and rather appropriately I can show you the silver and white ATCs I made for my fellow Colour Groupies (Caryl, Debby, Lenna and Tristan)as they have all landed. One went to Florida for the first time as Lenna has moved there now.

These cards were made with the left-overs of the Xmas star I made earlier for Alpha Stamps and you can read about that on an earlier blog. For these ATCs I mounted the pieces from the star onto a silver fabric and added paper images from a collage sheet by Artchix Studio. I then grabbed a collection of my little star stamps and stamped them onto acetate (transparency) in silver. To prevent smudging I turned over the acetate and then sewed it over the ATC, thus enclosing both the stamped stars as well as the vintage images. I added vintage wintery text, a little silver star charm (specially for Lenna as her life is punctuated by stars!), and finally added a silver piece of cardstock to the back of the card and finished the edges with white zig-zag stitching.

I kept the one above for myself. It's really interesting to look back at all the ATCs I made for our Colour Groupies exchanges (now going into our third year!) and the various techniques I used. The "bleak mid-winter" text seemed made for a day like today!


Maggi said...

These are stunning! I'm glad you had safe travels through the fog!

Lenna Andrews said...

They are all so beautiful but of course mine (top right) is my favorite! These might be my most coveted of all your ATCs. There is something about the way you layered them that is so beautiful in my eyes. I love reading how you made them! The one you made for yourself is equally charming . . . thank you so much for all that you create and share.
love, lenna


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