Tuesday, 19 January 2010

And now we have ice

The snow was slowly but surely disappearing as there was a thaw for the last few days. But then overnight we had a really severe frost and now that thawing mush is very icy indeed. And it's a lot harder to deal with, walking wise and yes, also drive-wise, than the snow.

The dogs and I did manage to do our usual walk today along the old railway line and as you can see there is not just white but also some green and a lot of brown on view.

To my mind it all looks like I imagine the frozen tundra in the far north to be like, and it was certainly cold enough for there too. It is very difficult to show you the hidden danger of ice in these pictures. But it was most definitely there. The only thing stopping me from falling were the ice grips attached to my boots but even with those on I did some creative slipping and sliding.

Of course, Troi could only look back at me in wonderment and to me her expression said: "Just what on earth are we doing here?"


theresa martin said...

I've been enjoying your snow photos. It's amazing to see the thaw. Stay with two feet on the ground during this ice phase! Four in the case of Troi.

Maggi said...

LOL What are we doing here indeed! I love that, lol. I hope the ice disappears safely and quickly!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


mother nature is hitting you with both fists this year!

your dog is SOOOO elegant!


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