Saturday, 16 January 2010

Escape from the Lane

Today, for the first time since the 18th December last year (!) I left the lane to venture forth into the big, wide world. It was still there! A slow thaw has started and it is not pretty!! The lane is still a bit of an obstacle course as the snowplough has build mountains of snow by the side and even at the best of times this is only a one track lane. When you meet another car there is really nowhere to go at the moment, but backwards. Fortunately I did not meet anyone on my way out and I made it safely to Edinburgh where I discovered that pavements can be quite a hazard too, as they were incredibly slippery.

But I made it there and back in one piece, to the meeting of the Thistle Quilters, a fascinating talk about hats and a sale of books (yes, of course I bought some! Come on, now, I haven't indulged for almost a month!!!).The roads on the way back were starting to flood with all the water coming down from the melting fields. I hardly dare admit to it, seeing how much trouble it has given to so many people, but as far as I am concerned I will miss the beautiful white world that was. We might never get snow like it again in our lifetime but at least I have the pictures (running into the hundreds) forever.

Talking about beautiful pictures, one of my most favourite blogs is that by fellow quilter Tristan Robin Blakeman, an art quilter, lover of all things sparkly, and a builder of gorgeous little theatres. At the moment he is having a give-away to celebrate 3 major events. Check it out on this post!!


GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

wow what an amazing photo!! I am actually jealous, we NEVER ever get snow in az..everLOL :) great post!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

That photo is exquisite, Frieda ... it should be a CHristmas card!

(Thanks for plugging my blog LOL)

Annettequilter said...

Hi Frieda
I have been looking up towards your house on our walks out of the village and wondering how far you and John have been able to get. Was home at the weekend but thought you would still be snowed in. The blog is looking great - I am really enjoying it and love your new work.

Lenna Andrews said...

Frieda... Another amazing photograph of your beautiful winter world! But, i am so happy for you that you got to venture OUT, even go to Edinburgh, talk to like minded quilters and buy stuff!!! YAY! I am also so glad you made it there and back in one piece.
: ) Here in Florida, tomorrow we officially move over to the new house. i still have a lot of work ahead of me but it is a good move and we are happy. Stay warm!! love, lenna

Maggi said...

Wow, the 18th! lol Snow is beautiful but yes, when it starts to melt, watch out! I live in Colorado for a while with the most beautiful snow but once it melted: mud everywhere! lol

Glad you made it "there and back again" in one piece and you bought more books, awesome! :D


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