Tuesday, 5 January 2010

House of Snow

Our lane is now very icy indeed (another inch or so of snow arrived overnight and it's so freezing!) and I can only walk on it with extreme care. Therefore I stayed close to home and could not stop myself taking more pictures as you can see above. It's been 19 days since I went anywhere although John has been venturing forth in the car occasionally.

We decided that one of us had better stay at home just in case the car gets stuck (I have nightmares about my babies being home alone!!) and as I worry less about John than he about me, (and he is also under the illusion that he is a better driver??!!) he gets to go.

In consequence work progress has been amazing but I'm definitely suffering from shopping withdrawal symptoms. Online buying is just not the same, specially as we're not getting any deliveries, so no gratification from all those buys. I can't wait for everything to get here, it will be even better than Christmas!!

Here are some At Home pictures to chill out with!!

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Helen Cowans said...

Same here - weeks without going out! And yes, men always think they are better drivers! The shops in Wooler have run out of milk, veg and bread as they aren't getting deliveries!

Ian ventured out today and got some animal supplies and a few bits for us.

More snow forecast all week too! As long as the electricity is still here thats OK :)


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