Monday, 4 January 2010

Sweet Marie Valentine ATC Swap

The snow remains the main attraction here at the moment. I'm enjoying it to the very fullest brim because who knows when so much snow will come again? It might be the last time in our lifetime and I will make absolutely sure I'm making the most of it. I might even be tempted to create a snow angel before too long!

But of course I am also making art. Those quilt blocks I mentioned a few days ago are now finished, all 200 of them and they are being sewn together. Then I only have to layer them up, quilt and bead them!!! I must have some masochistic tendencies.

I'm also cleaning up the To Do list and at the same time trying to ensure that no new items get added. That means I'm forcing myself not to sign up for anything else this year. An almost impossible task but it MUST be done!! Lenna exposed me to extreme temptation with her Love Gone Wild ATC swap so I'm hoping lots of you will sign up here so the swap will be full!!!

But there are still things to tick off that list and today I finished my Sweet Marie Valentine ATCs for a swap on the Marie Antoinette swap site. I used a fabric-paper collaged background full of love and pink hearts which was a left-over. To this I added a transparency image of Queen Marie herself which I had glittered up. Also added were transparent ribbons, sticky hearts and the Dymo made text: Marie, je t'aime (which means Marie, I love you). The edges were finished with sparkling transparent ribbon and machine stitching.

I made three for the swap of which two are shown at the top of this blog , and also made one for me to keep, seen above. Just wish the transparencies were clearer on the scans!


Maggi said...

I just love these! I'm a pink fiend and adore when it's paired with blue! You did a beautiful job!

Lenna Andrews said...

I love these ATCs, Frieda and was enjoying them immensely and reading about your huge quilt block undertaking . . . only to be taken over by waves of laughter when reading about you trying to resist temptation for my swap!!!! I have been taunting you, I know! Only because the theme is so up your sleeve! BUT, i do understand if you cannot. 200 quilted & beaded blocks is quite a work of love in itself! But, should you need a break of small work full of romance -well, you know where to find me!!!! (sorry can't resist!!)
>: ^ )) lenna
love gone wild ATC Swap!


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