Sunday, 3 January 2010


Sometimes a day arrives which is simply perfect. Too beautiful for words. This was one of those days. Another substantial fall of snow overnight meant that there is now more than 2 feet of snow on the ground (over 60cm). I got up, took one look outside, and armed myself with my new coat and scarf, put on my boots and ventured out along the old railway line. No dogs with me, as their legs are simply too short to cope with this much snow.

It came over my boots too but who cares. The sun was slowly coming over the horizon, and undescribable beauty was all around me. I had my camera of course but I also impressed on my subconscious mind that I HAD to remember this!

There was silence all around me but after about 20 minutes I kept hearing a rhythmic sound and after a while it slowly dawned on me that it was my beating heart! No wonder I felt so alive. As far as my eye could see, was virginal snow. I was the first and only human being there and I stood still for for a long time and simply drank it all in. It was too much for words and I was in tears!

They froze, of course, and I also had to start moving in order not to suffer frostbite. When I came back I could not resist some snowballs but don't worry, this one was not thrown as John had my camera in his hand! Note the scarf that was knitted for me by Lenna as a Christmas gift. It's very warm and lovely, like a long distance hug!

I do hope you're not fed up with the snow pictures as there is more to come, both pictures and actual snow! And I'm so loving it!!!


Maggi said...

Holy smokes, that snow is incredible! So glad I'm getting to experience a true winter even if it is just through your blog and not in person! lol

Lenna Andrews said...

i am not fed up with your snow pictures, Frieda! That collage you made of your recent winter shots is one of the most beautiful i've seen. And you look beautiful and happy in your coat & scarf : ) throwing snowballs. Bring it on! I love your art and/OR your photos of the world around you, all gorgeous and inspiring.
xo lenna

... just to further tempt you!!
love gone wild ATC Swap!

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
-- Vincent Van Gogh

Helen Cowans said...

oh wow! fantastic!


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