Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It's back!

Yes, we woke up to a wonderful white world again this morning. During the night about 3 inches of snow had fallen and it kept on snowing until about 11 am. And yes, I know this is not good news for everyone and has already caused a lot of nuisance to many people this winter but as for me, I literally skipped along during my dog walks today (in my wellies!).

My pink hyacinths looked even more defined and pink against the background of the snow through the kitchen window. They are reminders that spring will eventually come although at the moment I'm not in any rush to see it arrive. However the pink looked luscious against the white.

But you can see how icy the drainage ditches are along the side of the forest. They have been frozen now since before Christmas and the ice is many inchies thick. You could skate on it if you were so minded. But although I love the snow and the cold I've never been mad about skating despite it being our national sport in The Netherlands when I was growing up. On the other hand I like the accompanying stalls with hot pea soup and drinking chocolate! Back home to provide our own after the dog walk!

Can you spot our cottage in the snow in the far distance. Only the roof of the old cottage makes its way through the falling snow and the picture could have been taken just as easily over 100 years ago as today.

Which reminds me: only yesterday it was announced on our national (I'm talking Scotland here) news that December and January had been the coldest since records began. This made me think hundreds of years back to the seventeenth century, but no, apparently they only started monitoring temperatures back in the early 20th Century so they have only been the coldest months for a little over 100 years. Still quite a long time, just not as long as the romantic in me wanted it to be!

And I remain amazed how beautiful snow makes everything look.


Maggi said...

Wow, Winter is loving you this year! lol Your place is so lovely!

Lenna Andrews said...

it IS beautiful, Frieda! I cannot believe all the snow you've gotten in Scotland. You must have been especially good this year, to get this wish : ^)
i do love all your photos and do not tire of seeing them. You live in a very beautiful part of the world and the snow is accentuating it, i think. i like to think of me in Florida, USA and you in scotland, UK - walking, thinking & taking photos before going home and working on our art. such a lovely thought for 2 friends across a big pond from each other!
xo lenna

Ati. said...

Misschien ben jij de enige die blij is met de sneeuw? Ik heb heel veel mensen horen klagen, vooral diegenen die met de auto de hele dag op pad zijn.
Een ander blog wat ik volg in Scotland schreef dat er bij haar niet eens geschoven wordt! Bij ons wordt altijd geschoven, zout strooien doen ze hier niet, dat heeft geen zin. Wij hebben al een witte wereld sinds half December, wat voor ons ook ongewoon is, zo vlak aan de westkust!
Geniet ervan Frieda ik vind het ook altijd prachtig. Het grote voordeel is het licht! Met natte grijze dagen word alles zo triest.


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