Thursday, 4 February 2010

Marie Antoinette and Roses ATC Swap

I'm waiting for some supplies in order to carry on with the large quilt and therefore grapped the opportunity, first of all to do a little bit of tidying up in my studio and also to catch up with other stuff on my To Do list.

I don't do a lot of tidying up in my studio and when I do it's not so much tidying as moving stuff from one place to another. I've accepted long, long ago, that chaos seems to be the only sort of organization that works for me. I need to be surrounded by beads, threads, fabrics, magazines, postcards, rotaty cutters, scissors, button boxes and lots of other things in order to first of all be happy and secondly do any work. But occasionally my work space gets so invaded that there is no other alternative but to make some space!!

Once that was done I moved on to making the Rosey Marie cards for a swap on the Marie Antoinette Swap site and all the tidying up paid off as I found that gorgeous red Victorian scrap that I added to the borders. The roses can be found both in the background fabrics, the rose embellishment on every card as well as on the vintage text.

1 comment:

Maggi said...

These cards are lovely, the red roses are perfect! You SO sound like me, my idea of organization is definitely moving from one place to another. LOL


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