Sunday, 21 February 2010


First of all a few words about a very stressful day yesterday. It was a beautiful, but misty day as you can see underneath. I lost Rueben during our dog walk in the afternoon, as all of a sudden someone in the field next to where we were walking shot a gun. Way too close! I won't give you my opinion of this sort of behaviour but it would include several expletives and ****!!!!

I jumped but Rueben ran, straight into the forest. I waited and called but no sign of him. I went home to take Troi back and get John to help me hunt him down. The less said about our search the better but if you ever contemplate walking into an evergreen forest, thickly planted, still covered in snow and without paths, my advice is: DON'T!!! I nearly killed myself in the process. No joke this, what I did was with hindsight truely dangerous and I did not even have my mobile with me!! That's adrenaline rush for you, and I'm still suffering the after effects today.

Eventually John went back home and found Rueben cowering in the chicken run. We have no clue how he managed to get in there but he must have jumped several fences in the process. He has fully recovered but the same cannot be said for us. Today I'm still shivering with shock and in order to calm me down, John took me off to visit the snowdrops in an open garden nearly, called Drumelzier Place.

Despite the fact that this garden, like ours, was under feet of snow during much of the winter, their snowdrops were jaw-dropping. There were just so many of them, like a white carpet under the huge trees. So beautiful together
but also as individual clumps. We bought 12 clumps to plant in our garden.

The other beautiful aspect of this garden is that the river Tweed flows right alongside it. The Tweed is a stunning river (great for salmon fishing if you're into that kind of thing, I'm not!), set amidst gorgeous countryside in the Scottish Borders.

You can see why to me February is a brown month

but you can also see how the promise of spring beauty is already visible!

Before we went home I just had to take one final picture ( as seen at the top of this blogpost) and I think I was the best one of the day.


Lenna Andrews said...

dear Frieda, I am so sorry to hear of your stressful afternoon yesterday with Reuben (or without him, i should say). I am so glad everyone got home safe and sound, phew. We can all count our blessings for that!
The snowdrops under the tree, the River Tweed, and all of your countryside are gorgeous. I am tucking these things away in my mind with plans of seeing them in person one of these days, for sure!
: )))) lenna

Helen Cowans said...

Glad you are both OK. I hate people with guns - they have so little regard for other people. Yesterday someone was shooting off the path over the top of our house. They went before I could tell them exactly what I thought!

Keep warm and safe - online retail therapy called for?

theresa martin said...

Your day sure was harrowing...I'm glad you're all okay and I hope you feel totally recovered soon. The photos are beautiful and I do see the promise of Spring in them. A welcome sight for sure.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's okay!!! That must have been harrowing.

I used to live in upstate New York on a large property which bordered some areas where people hunted. It always annoyed the hell out of me when they would cross the line onto our (posted no trespassing!) property and shoot their guns with the dog - or us! - nearby. The jerks.

I love snowdrops - here they are the very first signs of Spring.

So far, no snowdrops.

Maggi said...

Wow, I can't believe it! Well, thank goodness he's home and you're all safe!

The pictures are amazing, look at those beautiful snowdrops!

Glad everyone is okay!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much to you all for the comments. I can't remember the last time I was in such a panic but fortunately all's well that ends well!

peggy gatto said...


Debby said...

Ah!!!! Poor Reuben! Glad everything turned out well. The pics are lovely.

barbara burkard said...

oh my heart was racing right with your words!!! soooo glad you are all safe!

the snowdrops are spectacular!!! oh just beautiful!!! we are just planning out back yard...retreat area...(and if you would see the room we are working with you would giggle...i.e. not very big at all...but it shall be a retreat...when i am done!


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