Tuesday, 23 February 2010

White Rose Bracelet

If you subscribe to the Alpha Stamps newsletter you will have seen this bracelet featured on its most recent one this past Sunday. I made it quite some time ago as a member of the Alpha Stamps Design Team, and unusually for me I actually wear this one quite a lot.

I love the copper findings, the colour combination of blue and yellow but my favourite is the white rose bead used in the centre. The copper bee connectors are so beautiful as is the large swallow charm.

In fact I love all the elements I used here and they are all available from Alpha Stamps: Blue/Gold Glass Flower Beads, Large Glass Trumpet Flowers, Bright Czech Glass Beads, Sunflower Charms, Vintage Patina Filigree Teardrops, a Brass Dragonfly Charm, a White Bone Flower (wrapped in a Violet Filigree Flower) and a Patinaed Brass Sparrow


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

So very very pretty!

I don't know how women can stand to have all that stuff rattling on their wrists - LOL - it would drive me crazy.

But they sure are pretty to look at and admire!

Debby said...

Gorgeous Frieda, so pretty!

Maggi said...

Wow, this is so pretty I can see why you would wear it frequently! I think this is one of my favorite bracelets of yours!

Lenna Andrews said...

I'll have you know i did some damage at Alpha Stamps after looking at this gorgeous bracelet! (It was fun) xo lenna

barbara burkard said...

very beautiful!!!! i have some beads like the rose..but they are cameo's! and very very old...they are all on a necklace...but it is broken...i was going to use the beads for a bracelet and now you have inspired me to do so!!! hugz and love


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