Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sting in the Tail

This winter has not finished with us yet and it seems to have a particularly nasty sting in its tail. Yesterday I was e-mailing with someone further south and they had snow already. I told her there were some ominous white flakes coming down here at Macbiehill and overnight those flakes multiplied so that we found about 3 inches on the ground this morning and it has not stopped snowing all day so those 3 inches have become about 6.
And unlike in December and January this time we also have a fierce wind blowing which means that the snow has started to drift both on the lane and on the old railway line, in very unpredictable ways. I walked in a total white-out, specially on the outwards journey when the wind and thus the snow was coming straight at me in a horizontal direction.
Within 5 minutes or so the house was lost from sight and I could not help thinking of the TV programme I watched only last night, called Ice Road Truckers. Granted I was not in a truck (don't even have an HGV licence, in fact) but I felt like I was battling the elements in the same way. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by this programme, but think that partly it's the glorious setting (the Dalton Ice Road in Alaska) and partly the human struggle against all the odds to achieve the goals they have set themselves. I realize I might have left it a bit late to become an ice road trucker but finishing my walk felt like a similar achievement today!


Maggi said...

Wow, more snow!!! That is crazy, I can see why you would feel like one of those truckers! lol

barbara burkard said...

hello sweet friend....once again life has given me an absence from catching up...we too had a sudden burst of snow yesterday...UNEXPECTED...lake effect... they call it...roads were very slippery...i had to call school and tell them that maddysen should skip book club and I'd be there to pick her and xander up early...we ended up with 6" of unpredicted snow...have a lovely day!!! hugz


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