Sunday, 28 February 2010

Venice Fan

It was just as well I went to the show yesterday as we had more snow overnight and it kept on snowing most of today! I could probably have made it even now but it would have been more dangerous. On that subject and following on from the comments on my last post, yes, I am a risk taker, both mentally and physically. Probably more when I was younger, but even now, whenever I feel the fear, it spurs me on to do it anyway. After giving this quite a bit of thought over the years I blame an upbringing that was much too sheltered! I'm making up for lost time!
Anyway today was wet with snow and it was really cold too, so what better place to seek shelter than to return to Venice and show you this fan blade (template shape provided by Alpha Stamps) which was made as an example for an Alpha Stamps swap.

I made a fabric-paper collage incorporating images from Alpha Stamps' Windows of Venice and The Canals collage sheets. This collage was ironed on to one side of Fast2Fuse and I added figures which came from Alpha Stamps Casanova collage sheet. I stitched on the lady but the 2 "gentlemen" were glued on, as was the text, which reads: Le grand charmeur. It comes from AS Art Deco Valentine.

At the top is a round image which is from the AS sticker sheet Round Things, a recent addition to their collage sheets and already a firm favourite with me!

To finish I ironed on a fabric (I used one featuring masks to stay "in theme") to the other side of the Fast2Fuse and couched a gorgeous gold metallic gimp (available from Alpha Stamps) around all the edges of the fan blade.


Maggi said...

Just lovely! I love the fan shape and the fun collage you created!

Debby said...

Amazing! I totally love what you have created, so gorgeous.


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