Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Is it Spring yet??

Because it certainly doesn't feel like it here in Scotland. The snow that fell has now frozen and we have returned to the beautiful white world that we had for most of January. And just in time for another episode of Ice Road Truckers tonight!
I just hope that the weather will permit me to get to the various venues where I'm supposed to give talks and workshops. I never accept any booking for Dec, Jan and Feb but March is not looking too good either at the moment. I still have quite a few commitments till the end of June but am now definitely not accepting any more. A long agonized over decision but I think the right one. In fact I know it's spot on, as I feel so relieved about it.

At the quilt show several people mentioned book to me as in: when was I going to write one? and perhaps I will give this some serious consideration although not until after the exhibition next year is done and dusted. An Etsy shop might also loom over the horizon but again that will have to wait till after the show! My plate is flowing over already at the moment.

And I want to have time to "smell the roses". Not literally you unterstand! Or at least not till they appear! As at the moment there aren't any to smell or even any green shoots promising roses to come. Instead there is snow and ice and can you see the drifting? But smelling the roses is a metaphor for saying that I want to enjoy life in all its glory with John, the dogs and elderly cat. I want to go back to baking cakes, growing things from seed, reading more books, catching up with all my magazines, long walks, and yes, even doing some occasional housework! (Did I just type that??? Unbelievable!).
I'll never stop making art (it's not just my life but it is who I am) but I want to love it again, not look upon it as a lot of hard work which is what it has turned into at the moment. Roll on June!! But not before we have had a glorious Spring. Please?


Helen Cowans said...

Frozen snow here too - totally fed up now!!! Like you I don't do bookings Dec - Feb and this year I included March too, only have a few talks and workshops this year which suits me just fine. you get to a point and you need to stop don't you. I keep saying I will try online workshops but haven't sorted that yet either. I'm supposed to be doing a "book" too. Maybe we could help each other along with our books, setting goals for the intro and first chapter - or even just setting a date to start!!!! :) The books would be so different we couldn't be influencing each other design wise.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Sadly, no, it's not Spring yet.

I'll never stop making art (it's not just my life but it is who I am) but I want to love it again, not look upon it as a lot of hard work which is what it has turned into at the moment.

I'm in exactly the same place right now - and I hate it!

Maggi said...

I am ready for Spring yet too! I would be so excited if you wrote a book or had an Etsy shop! Woo hoo! :D

Lenna Andrews said...

Frieda, what a lovely post! You are one smart ice road trucker!!!
xo lenna

Georgina said...

I think you should feel very proud to have survived such a long hard winter. Here in Wales the snow has gone and I feel utter relief. I always thought I would 'sit back into'being snowed in, as a space to catch up, look deeply into those deep books,thinking deep thoughts as a by-product, and yet I found it stressful and agitating and the Monkey mind would not be focused. I know this was my state, even if I wouldn't accept it, because I washed the floors a lot and polished things that have not been polished for a while! You deserve a rest. You are an artist - that will never change and I for one cannot wait to see what new directions and retravelled roads a refreshing pause will take you to!


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