Saturday, 27 March 2010

Freda's Fabrics

Yes, you're reading that correctly and no, I've not mis-spelled my own name!! Even I am not that ditzy!! The fabrics in questions used to belong to Freda Heaphy, a fellow quilter also living in Scotland.

I got to know Freda many years ago, mainly because people kept asking both of us if we knew the other Fr(i)eda so we decided to seek each other out at some quilt show or other and of course we kept meeting up at the same events and it was always a lot of fun to say: Hello Fr(i)eda! She was the only other person with the same name as me that I ever met.

Sadly Freda died some time ago and today her fabrics were being sold on behalf of her family. The money raised will be donated to Haematology Research and to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Amazingly enough Freda's fabric was neatly folded while in her stash and some of it even had the labels on it from the stores where she bought it. I just hope that the buying in itself gave her a lot of pleasure (in fact, I know it did) as she did not get to use a lot of it. It was beautiful fabric and as well as our name we also seemed to have shared the same taste in fabric. Above you can see that part of her stash which has now been added to mine!

It also made me feel profoundly sorry for whoever it will be that has to sort out my fabric collection once I've gone to quilting heaven as unlike Freda stash, my fabrics are most definitely not neatly labelled and folded. Instead they are heaped ( really pushed by any means possible) by colour into drawers and most also have bits cut out of them. Oh well, at least this is one thing I don't have to get stressed about myself. All I can do is to wish that unknown person good luck when the times comes!!

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Maggi said...

hahahahahaha I feel sorry for my family when I go too, they are going to have heaps and heaps and heaps of crafty supplies to go through! lol Beautiful fabrics!


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