Friday, 26 March 2010

Paths to follow

Hurrah, did you hear that sigh of relief?? My internet connection is up and running again and I'm once more installed behind my own computer in our dining room with a glass of wine nearby. I've realized two things during the period it was not working. The first thing is just how much I love posting to my blog and keeping in contact with all my online friends. Some days I can't wait for 4pm to arrive as that is the time I switch on the computer and get started for about 2 hours or so! And the other thing is just how S L O W this dial-up connection actually is, compared to broadband in the library and wifi at the farm shop.

Our prime minister (not a favourite of mine in any case!!) was on TV recently talking about how superfast broadband will make it so much cheaper for everyone to pay their bills, get government info etc. etc. He does not seem to realize that there are still many thousands of us who are unable for technical reasons to even get broadband, let alone superfast!! I would be quite ecstatic about normal broadband but alas, it's not to be at the moment and I will continue to make the most of what we have and have a magazine to hand here to read during particularly tedious down or uploads. Or I'll go to the farmshop, treat myself to a double espresso, a lemon dribble cake an a superfast connection! That is the path for me!!

Talking about paths (wasn't that neatly done??!!) I was a very naughty girl and signed up for Lenna's 4 x 4 swap over on her Creative Swap site. There are still places available on this swap, so you can do this too. One of the reasons was that her swaps are always fantastic, with great organization and beautiful returns and the other reason was that I had taken multiple pictures of our lane during the snowy period earlier this year. Time to put them to good use!

I printed them out onto self-adhesive cotton sheets (from Crafty Computer Paper), quilted them with silver thread in the lane and black for the trees. I then added fabric images from Alpha Stamps Lina Cavalieri as well as the Paris Showgirls #2 sheets that were stitched on. The quote which reads: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" is from Emerson and was also printed on the same self-adhesive fabric sheet. Finally I added a large bead to form the moon.

They were mounted on watercolour paper and are already on their way to Lenna!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh FRIEDA!! I LOVE what you have created. It is so perfect, the images - the quote - your snowy lane . . . WOw. I am so happy you were naughty and snuck in this exchange to everything else you need to do!
I am smiling! Glad to have you back via internet connection again.
xo lenna

Ati. said...

Hi Frieda, I have to tell you how beautiful those little quilties are. I enjoy always your work but don't leave a comment often. The Hope, live and dream from a few days ago are also great!
At least we have spring too, the crocussus flower in the grass :)

sharon said...

Frieda, these are soooo beautiful, and I love the monochromatic tone! They are very dramatic! I will keep my fingers crossed to receive one of these!!
I am a good friend of Lenna's and have often seen your work, and am very inspired by both of you!

Maggi said...

Yay, Frieda's back!!!!! lol You'll definitely need to head back to the farm shop every now and then. lol

These are *gorgeous* and boy are those swappers lucky to be getting one of these! I just love the stitched trees and embellished moon! Gorgeous!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks for all your kind comments, specially Sharon. I just know that a friend of Lenna's would also be a friend of mine and I too will be keeping my fingers crossed!!

Georgina said...

Love the moon!
On the subject of broadband I feel very cynical. Foolish of me I know to hope that us deeply rural dwellers might get help with communication, but because we are so few, we are always at the bottom of the govt. to-do list! Each technical advance reaches us eventually (to be said with a deep sigh). On the other hand, when I look up at the black-bat night and see the stars in all their glory, wake up to only the sound of birdsong, and can sing at the top of my voice (not for public consumption) I realise there are benefits!

friedaquilter said...

That's so true, Georgina. We might disadvantaged in the internet world but we are more than compensated by our beautiful surroundings! And I know what I would prefer. Give me rural anyday!


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