Monday, 29 March 2010

Sock Monkey ATC

As most of you know by now I'm an enthousiastic subscriber of the ATCquarterly Magazine. This is entirely dedicated to ATCs, published in Canada, and in the centre pages you can always find the ATCs made in response to a challenge theme set by the editor of this magazine.

The theme for the next issue is Sock Monkey. I have to admit to having absolutely no idea what this could mean and when in doubt I Google it! It slowly dawned on me that a sock monkey is a monkey made out of a sock (what else??!) and not just any sock either. It has to be a red heel sock produced by one special factory i.e Fox River Mills. You learn something different every day, I just have no idea how useful this info will prove to be!

I found patterns of how exactly to achieve this sock-monkey transformation, but the inclination to do so is sadly lacking (not to mention the time required!). Among all the online information, I also found a vintage picture of an actual sock monkey which is what I incorporated into my ATC. For the rest I added monkey faces from a fabric in my stash (honestly, why in the world did I buy that one?) as well as a monkey figure from the Alpha Stamps fabric sheet Linen Books. I distressed this slightly to fit in with the background.

While I was beavering away putting the card together the text just arrived in my head and it was printed out on my Dymo writer. It reads: Just put a sock in it!

Above you can see the published ATC I made for the previous challenge which was The Beatles. You can read how I made it here!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I love the sock monkey being another genus of monkey! LOL

So sock monkeys aren't big in U.K? They are very very very popular here. The most popular being Curious George!

Maggi said...

hahahahahahaha love it! It's so whimsical yet so different from some of your other ATCs, it really is too cool!

I remember that fabulous Beatles ATC! That yellow still gets me everytime! :D


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