Friday, 2 April 2010


Yes, it's almost Easter but as Doreen mentioned in her comment on my blogpost yesterday it looks rather more like Christmas outside. Perhaps we should get our tree from the loft and hang it with decorations?! Egg shaped, of course!

It was a lovely sunny day but it was not warm enough to make any inroads on the gigantic amounts of snow heaped along the side of the lane and when walking the dogs today I had to make sure to keep an ear out for approaching traffic, fortunately few and far between, as when a car passes, the dogs and I have to leap into the snow mountains by the side. Rueben and I are quite good at this but Troi, the greyhound, almost has to be lifted up and that's not an easy job as she weighs in at about 27 kilos!

As the day was so sunny I put the pots of tulips outside, although they will have to go in at night because of the frost. It's quite strange to see them flowering among the snow. They look lovely though and are blessed with the name: Heart's Delight! It suits them. Tomorrow I really must get on with some art! Watch this space.

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