Saturday, 3 April 2010

Morning Walk

As soon as I opened the curtains early this morning, I knew I just had to get out there and enjoy all that nature was offering. The sun was shining but there was one of those gorgeous low mists hanging over Macbiehill. It would only take a short time before the sun would burn it off and it needed capturing on camera.

We walked out along the lane with the dogs going in the direction of the Pentland Hills and above is the view that greeted us

Then to the left one of the peaks loomed up out of the fog, bringing to mind Mount Fuji, which I have only seen on Japanese woodprints but which John has actually seen with his own eyes when he was in the Merchant Navy
And on the way back again the sun was now clearly visible and starting to melt some of that snow away on the lane. It did not succeed in making it all disappear today but the mountains of snow are definitely shrinking. Our house is hidden in the mist to the right!

I did make a whole set of Vintage Spring ATCs today but you will have to wait till tomorrow for a peek at them. And of course nature makes art so much better!!


Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful - good to see you'd had sun today. We had a huge hail storm at lunch time!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I"m so glad you enjoyed your surprise Spring snow storm.

I would have been furious at ol' Mother Nature!

LOVely photos ... happy easter!

FeatherDuster said...

Very pretty, but I bet you're ready to see all that white turn to green again!


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