Saturday, 17 April 2010

Visit to Kelso

I paid a flying visit to Kelso today to teach my fabric ATC class. As Kelso is in the Scottish Borders region, like Macbiehill, it feels like a local visit despite the fact that it's actually 50 miles away. But those 50 miles are along gorgeous, although very curvy roads, that run for the main part along the river Tweed. You could see that the trees are about to start budding but they're not quite there yet. It seemed overcast on my journey out but by 10 am the sun had come out and at lunchtime I popped outside to take this photo of the beautiful abbey, right next to where I was teaching. It's one of 5 ruined abbeys in the Scottish Borders and looks spectacular.

There was no time today but whenever I find myself in Kelso I always make a point of also visiting the old graveyard next to the Abbey where there are very old and elaborate gravestones that really speak to me, specially when I start reading the stones. At the same time sad but also uplifting. As long as the gravestones are read, their inhabitants are not totally forgotten!

1 comment:

Petra said...

Dat is een bekend plaatje. Ik heb vorige zomer bijna de zelfde foto gemaakt. Prachtige omgeving, ik krijg al bijna spijt dat we dit jaar niet die kant uitgaan met de zomervakantie (hoewel de tiener hier in huis blij is dat we eens ergens anders naar toe gaan :-)


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