Friday, 16 April 2010

Love makes the world go round!

It's a gloriously sunny day despite the fact that we have clouds of volcanic ash swirling about in the higher areas of the sky. We are sometimes (depending on the wind direction) under the flight path for Edinburgh Airport and although it's not very busy I realized how quiet it was while walking the dogs this morning.

Troi seems to be back to her usual boisterous self which can only be good news and I have also managed to make a small quiltie (size 12" square) despite it dropping off my to-do list somewhere along the way. No idea how that happened, I must have overlooked it while transferring the To-Do list from one week to the next! Must try harder!!!

I was reminded of it again by the Loch Lomond visit some days ago as this quiltie is for a joint project of all Quilters' Guild members located in Scotland.

We're all meant to make a 12" block finished in black binding for a Wall of Friendship that will be on display during the Loch Lomond Quilt Show in May. After that all the blocks will be put together to form larger quilts which will be donated to various good causes yet to be determined.

My quiltie was made using a background from a long ago discarded quilt top, which I layered with wadding (batting) and backing fabric (featuring butterflies in my case) and machine quilted. As you can see some of the seams are on the outside and have been quilted in different directions. I added a vintage fabric of a loving couple (from VintageImageMadness) that I printed out onto self-adhesive cotten sheet (from Crafty Computer Paper). This was layered with a batik heart fabric and sewn down as shown. I then used Bondaweb (or Wonder-Under) to cut out separate hearts from the heart fabric and sewed these on in a diagonal direction leading to the text: Love makes the world go round! that was printed directly onto calico (muslin) using my Epson printer.
I added size 11 seed beads around the image, the text, the hearts and also around the black binding. as you can see on this detailed picture above.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

only 12" square - and you still get so much detail included - lovely!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, this is gorgeous! From the recycled quilt top, to the beads, to the loving couple (one of my favorites) the words, stitching . . . wow, it all comes together beautifully. so lovely! fun to see you do a 12x12 quiltie again. xo lenna

Maggi said...

Oh my goodness Frieda! This is so beautiful! The stripey colors with the hearts and seed beads. I love the picture you used too, this is stunning!


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