Monday, 10 May 2010

3 eggs in a basket

Although it's still very cold the chickens have decided that it's definitely spring and have started to lay their eggs! And how lovely it is to go up to the chicken coop every day and collect them from the nest boxes, specially when you find such a glorious selection. There was one small, one medium and one large egg.

I put the eggs together in this sunflower shaped bowl to take a picture of them and it then struck me that these eggs are a quite appropriate representation of the UK political situation at the moment. And it seems the little egg is holding the other two to ransom.

Even after having lived here for well over 30 years now I still have moments when my jaw almost drops open in total astonishment and this is such a time! Democracy definitely means something entirely different in The Netherlands. That's all that will pass my lips about UK politics on this blog!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

You are so cute, Frieda and it's probably for the best to keep your lips sealed about politics! Those fresh eggs are so lovely, and what a beautiful photograph.

Maggi said...

I admit to not being completely informed of the current political situation in the UK so my comment is just to say: fresh eggs are the best! lol :D

Georgina said...

Did you have any snow today? We had a flutter!

friedaquilter said...

Oh yes, Georgina, snow flutters were also spotted in the Scottish Borders!!


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