Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Card for the Artchix lottery

Sadly the Artchix Studio Yahoo Group is no more as it simply proved to be so much trouble and the entire group has been moved to Facebook. Which was one reason why you can now find me on Facebook as well (see sidebar).

However some people were not that keen on the Facebook move and have established themselves as a separate from Artchix but still using Artchix Studio art Flickr group. This is just to keep the lottery going. It works as follows. Someone sets the theme and you have a fortnight's time to make an ATC on that theme using Artchix Studio collage sheet images. When the due date comes up, a winner is selected randomly from all the ATCs made, and everyone sends that winner their card. The winner also gets to set the theme for the next challenge.

I found out about the Flickr Group from my wonderful artist friend Lenna Andrews and as I'm also an avid reader of her blog I discovered the gorgeous card she had made for the current theme which is Garden and Flowers. And as soon as I had seen that I simply felt compelled to go and join the Flickr group, make an ATC, all in order to be in with a chance to win her card!

Here is my ATC using text and a transparency from the Artchix Studio Garden Blossoms sheet! I've made the card as summery as I could because believe it or not but we really had some flutterings of snow today. If you read Georgina's comment on my previous blogpost you'll see that we were not the only ones either!! The nights are freezing and the days not much better. And I'm now really gasping for a bit more sun!!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh Frieda!! Could you hear me giggling across the pond?? Well, maybe! I am so glad you liked my ATC that much to inspire you to make this beauteous one. I always like when you use that transparency sheet from ARTchix; you do great things with it.
I have not warmed to facebook as of yet. Sometimes I peek in but I seem to prefer Helga's blog & this new little flickr group. So glad you entered -the theme is so YOU!!! yummy ATC. : ) Still giggling in Florida that you liked my ATC so much! thank you sweet friend xo lenna

Paula said...

Gorgeous art! Love your blog - thanks for sharing it on the Facebook page! I'm an ARTchix fan too and have posted my latest twinchie at my blog:


Your art and quilts are both so beautiful - congrats!

- Paula

Maggi said...

Wow, what a fun idea to have a lottery! Love your ATC, good luck - hope you win! :D


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