Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

May is a great month for Bank Holidays here in the U.K. (2 in one month!) and although it makes little difference to those of us who are retired (John) or those that work from home (me) it somehow still feels like a free day and as the sun was also shining we pottered around in the garden, John planting up annuals and me taking photographs. And yes, I did also do some work although it was so much fun it felt like playing rather than work. You will see the results in posts to come.

The tulips are still hanging on and the yellow ones I showed you in an earlier blog have now miraculously turned pink, starting at the edges. The pink seems to creep onwards and by the end most of the tulips are pink all over. I diligently searched all sheds to try and find the information that came with the bulbs but sadly was unable to find what these chameleon-like tulips are called.
For these beauties though I don't need the paper, I know they are Ballerinas as we have them every year. So elegant and in my favourite colour scheme.

I have no idea how this California Poppy ended up here by an old farming tool, parked next to the garage. Maybe it self-seeded itself or was brought there by a bird. It's in my favourite lemon yellow and what a great textural picture this turned out to be!

Finally as promised a picture of the Tibetan prayer flags that we ended up hanging in front of the potting shed. They're going to stay there, facing sunshine, showers, wind and whatever else the climate can throw at them, until they are nicely distressed. At that stage I might well include them in some project or other but I anticpate they will be hanging where they are now till well into next winter!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

just stunning, frieda!! i love the ballerina tulips!

Anonymous said...

Your Prayer Flags look right at home on your potting shed. Good Karma for all and a treat for the eyes and soul.


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