Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine because this is the first truely warm day here at Macbiehill since...., well since last summer!
Yellow because I'm continuing with my yellow theme from a previous post.

I was lucky enough to win the Garden & Flowers themed lottery on the new Flickr Artchix Group (hurrah, I can't wait to welcome all the beautiful ATCs. that will be coming my way!) and that also meant I could determine the next theme. So I went for my favourite colour yellow, inspired also by the radiant sun. My card was made using strips of yellow fabric, ironed onto Fast2Fuse. I added the paper flower image as well as the flourish and Journal word transparencies (all from Artchix Studio) and finished off with the orange circular dot in the centre of the flower. The back fabric (also yellow) was ironed to the other side of the Fast2Fuse and the edges finished with yellow zigzag stitches.

The sun has also contributed to the very delayed appearance of our tylips. They are therefore extra appreciated and don't these beauties look like luminuous yellow lights with the sun shining through their petals?

My yellow theme for the day was confirmed when the mail was delivered. It brought the wonderful shrine obtained from my friend and fellow quilter Tristan Robin Blakeman, via his Etsy shop. It was so amazing to see the wealth of detail he managed to fit into what started life as a tin of ham. This shrine will be a daily inspiration in my studio. Can you see the rays of sunshine and the gorgeous sparkle?
What a great piece of art to receive on a sunshine yellow day!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

fab yellow card!

so glad that the shrine made it safely across the pond! - and that you're happy with it!

it looks very happy outdoors LOL.

Maggi said...

Holy funny that as soon as I saw that shrine, I knew it was Tristans's work! :D

This card is so bright and sunny it just shines right off the blog!

Congrats on winning the lottery!

Georgina said...

Loving all that yellow - what I love about yellow is its complexity - from acid to primrose and so symbolic - from cowardice, through all levels of joy - to madness!!
That shrine is gorgeous - love a Madonna!!


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