Thursday, 27 May 2010

More Vintage Gluebook Class work

Our Vintage Gluebook classes are going from strength to strength and we're at lesson 5 already. It covers using all those little left-over bits and pieces from when you cut or tear out a main image. I need hardly tell you all that I hoard these like I hoard everything else, so it wasn't hard to find stuff to use. The difficulty was more which of the many, many pieces to put to use on my spread for this particular class.

Our other challenge was how not to make our art too sweet. Not a problem I have to deal with very often, as the text I tend to add to my mixed-media work usually takes the sweetness away in one fell swoop. Sweet too is most definitely not my middle name! There is a greater danger that my art becomes too dark and/or too sarcastic! But usually there is a happy medium between that text and the lovely images I also admit I adore using.

Mary Green, our Gluebook teacher, has some spectacular images for sale to download and of course temptation, as ever, proved my undoing. I had to go to the farmshop down the road to download the lucile calendar she has for sale in her e-shop (it was 76 Mb, which my computer told would have taken over 2 days to download with my pathetic dial-up connection!!) but I'm so pleased I did! I immediately put two of these images to good use on this spread after I had printed them off onto a vintage page from a book about German imperialism. A great combo of a soft image with hard text!

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