Monday, 24 May 2010

Trumpeting Angels spread

The Vintage Gluebook class is going from strenght to strength and with every lesson I'm enjoying it more. It's really quite liberating for an inveterate sewer like me to be restricted to just using paper, glue and scissors instead and I'm also appreciating actually using (rather than just collecting!) my real vintage ephemera (although I do make a scan for future use, just in case, before I glue them down).

This lesson dealt with the Golden Ratio, a concept I first came across during those lessons in mathematics back in secondary school. Talk about time passing (as I did in a recent blog)! How far away and long ago it seems but I'm pleased to say I could still remember what it is all about. Pythagoras and Euclid were the names that came to mind. From this you can rightfully deduct that I studied the B sciences (chemistry, biology, mechanics, physics and mathematics) while in school as well as Latin and Greek (if you're Dutch, you'll know this means I did gymnasium beta), because at that stage I wanted to become a vet. Life had other plans but it has made me into someone whose right and left brain are fairly well balanced, a specially good mix for a quilter. Quilts require both art (for the ideas) and science (to figure out how to produce those ideas). Having said that my right brain is definite the dominant power. All life-changing decisions have always been made with my heart, rather than my head! It might not always have been the most sensible way to go, but sensible is definitely NOT my middle name.

Enough reminiscing, time to go back to art and here is the spread I made putting my focal point (the angel on the right-hand page) where it's best placed according to that Golden Ratio. The pages feature some backgrounds we were given by our teacher Mary Green. I overprinted these on pages from my own vintage books and I also used vintage music, a detail from a vintage postcard (the snowy tree) and the vintage angels image itself. If you read the text you'll see it all relates to those trumpeting angels in some way.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful piece you've done there ... I remember the golden ratio! LOL I suppose, now that I think of it, my eye automatically composes that way, even though I'm not conscious of it.

"Trumpeting Angels spread" is the best blog heading of the day! LOL

Lenna Young Andrews said...

gosh, this is beautiful frieda. My favorite gluebook page you have made yet!! i really like this. The twice printed flower paper is so pretty and I love your various background papers!

Maggi said...

Wow, this is beautiful! You are mastering this quickly!


I just got Tristan's last bit of comment...HA! :D


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