Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tulips from Macbiehill

I could equally have said tulips from Amsterdam because there is little doubt that the tulip bulbs we bought and planted last autumn originally came from Holland. They are now making a miniature tulip field here in our Macbiehill garden. If you ever fly to The Netherlands I highly recommend that you so so in April/May time when if it's a clear day, you can admire from the air, the endless rows of tulips planted in regimental lines in the straight as a die Dutch fields, arranged colour by colour.

My chaotic and artistic soul wishes they could mix it up a bit but needless to say economics as well as the organized Dutch mindset dictate this arrangement. I'm definitely the exception that proves the rule!
I love to mix it up and throw all those colours together and come up with unplanned combinations, which in turn serve to suggest colour schemes for quilts yet to be made. Even one solitary tulip can offer this!

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Maggi said...

Wow, how gorgeous!


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