Friday, 21 May 2010

Vintage Gluebook lesson 2

We're on our second lesson already in the Vintage Gluebook class and it's fair to say that I'm enjoying myself a lot more than I had thought. First of all it's always such fun to be in a class with great friends like Lenna and Sharon! I love their work and admire what they come up with. And secondly we have a wonderful teacher!

Just using vintage paper, glue and scissors is getting a bit easier but now Mary (our teacher) has challenged us to just use only 3 items on a page.

My first attempt seen above failed miserably. The 3 elements I used originally were the vintage striped wallpaper, the vintage image and the text (from my French encyclopedia, bought last weekend!). No, this definitely was not looking okay with just these things but as soon as I added the stamps it seemed to come alive. I am trying to tell a story here as well. The little guy, looking wistfully at the picture, the sledge, the text speaking of tragedy. Well you can make up the rest yourself!!

But that meant I still had not done my homework. So I grabbed a smaller Moleskine journal and perhaps of the smaller size, this time I think it does come together. The background is the same vintage wallpaper, the vintage girls are the focal point and the text worked so well with it specially as it also picked up the pink from the background. Yep, like this one!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think your pages are great, Frieda. I love seeing you work with just paper and glue, getting great results too. The challenge is a good one for us and mary is a wonderful teacher, I agree!!

i like your pages very much. You put the french encyclopedia to use in a wonderful way. xo lenna

Maggi said...

Ha, it's hard to keep yourself to just a certain number of elements! You did a great job on both of them! Love the pink! :D

Georgina said...

Really interesting - all from three ingredients! I am thinking Ethan Frome for the story.....

friedaquilter said...

Wonderful comment, Georgina, hadn't thought of that one myself but so appropriate!


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