Saturday, 22 May 2010

Vintage Gluebook double spread

The next challenge in our Vintage Gluebook class was to use one image and divide it over a double page spread. This was when I discovered how few vintage images I have. Although I possess books galore I don't have many vintage photos as such. I also diagnosed that there is a distinct lack of colour in my vintage collection. Pages abound in black and white, or rather after all this time, sepia brown. And I'm such a colour person that I find it very difficult to live in a sepia shaded environment, specially in my art.

But after searching my supplies (while sitting in the sun!) I came up with this vintage postcard of palms in Florida. As this is where my beautiful friend Lenna now lives it almost felt like home after seeing the wonderful pictures she took of these trees. The postcard dates from around the beginning of the 20th C but the palms are still the same!

As background I used some musical notes and on top of these I added on the left a piece of a German text with a red line (complimentary to all that green) as well as a postage stamp in the same colour. On the opposite side I added a torn edge piece from a Polish vintage text as well as a reddish border (from another vintage postcard) to echo the red on the facing page. It just needed something else and I finally discovered it needed a vintage women (from a cigarette card). I think these spread works both as 2 pages but also as every page in it's own right.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

yes, the palms are still the same, I can vouch for that! And lots of beautiful varieties too. I would say the royal palm and silver thatch palm are my favorites. But I like looking at your 2-page spread even more than looking at those palms : ) It is so inspiring to me to see you step into paper and glue so easily, Frieda! fabric, paper, photos, wheee! xo lenna


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