Monday, 7 June 2010

Another Vintage Gluebook spread

Our Vintage Gluebook class is sadly finished now and I'm going to really miss it. But I am determined to keep on going in my Vintage Gluebook Moleskine journal until it's filled to the brim so whenever I have a spare minute or two I get out my supplies and set to. The good thing is that only paper, scissors and glue are required so I don't have to rummage through my entire studio to find them. I keep them neatly stacked under my desk!

After following the lessons I'm now noticing that my spreads are starting to look more and more like my other art. I've started to add text, just like I can't resist doing on my ATCs and even quilties. I'm just so in love with words (not that remarkable for a trained librarian, I suppose) and telling stories and on this spread I'm definitely illustrating a tale involving a sad monk contemplating what he has done, a poor, deserted girl with baby plus quite a bit of text. I'm sure you're getting what I'm trying to say!

And yes, despite appearances to the contrary I have also been working on quilts and fingers crossed, you'll soon find out more on this blog. A lot of art seems to be flowing from my fingers at the moment and I'm having trouble keeping up in my blog posts!!

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